thinnspirationn said: Hello( : i was soo excited when i found your blog it was so helpfull ! I'm starting to lose weight, and eating healthy is the only thing keeping me back because of all the sweets. Any advice on how to crave that? Also, to lose weight, do you have to eat the food pryamid? lol sorry if this was confusing, but thank you sooo much !

hello! And thank you for following my blog :0) I know exactly how you feel, I have a major sweet tooth. You absolutely do NOT have to give up sweets! When I crave sweets, I go for a protein shake! I personally use Visalus, but you can go to your local store and get the protein powder, just make sure the calorie intake is no more than 100 in the powder! I have so many recipes, butter finger, cheese cake, wedding cake, snickers, everything you can imagine, all for under 200 calories! I try to make a colorful plate, I usually have 3 ounces(approx) of lean meat such as chicken, half a plate of veggies, and a portion of carbs such as baked potatoes. If you need any help just ask :) I would be more than happy to assist :)

This is so true! Remember, keep your plate colorful :-)

This is so true! Remember, keep your plate colorful :-)

7 Basic Nutrition Principles You Should Be Using

Living a healthy lifestyle can sound challenging and sometimes, even a little scary. But, it doesn’t have to be! There are 7 nutrition principles everyone should apply to their lifestyle in order to improve their health and live a better life.

1.  Eat a well balanced breakfast. 
Taking the time to eat a well balanced breakfast each and every morning will do wonders for your body. It will boost your metabolism and kick start your day. Try some whole grain toast, a hard boiled egg, some fresh fruit, a cup of yogurt and a cup of coffee. This will keep you feeling full and energized throughout the morning.

2.  Eat less by eating more.

I know that the rule of thumb is to eat three meals a day, but eating 5-6 smaller meals a day is actually a lot better for your metabolism. Instead of waiting until you’re starving to eat, spread your meals throughout the day. Eat smaller snacks in between your bigger meals to curb your appetite and control your portion sizes.

3.  It’s the little things that count.
 Between work, cooking dinner, tending to the kids and housework, there isn’t much time left to exercise. But, there are some alternative ways to sneak a little exercise into your schedule. Try parking towards the back of the parking lot as opposed to the front. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the kids for a walk after dinner. The little changes you make will add up. You don’t have to train for a marathon to be active.

4.  Stay hydrated.
 Most people tend to drink water only when they’re thirsty. You should be keeping your body hydrated all day to prevent dehydration. Just because you’re not thirsty, doesn’t mean you’re hydrated. The best way to make sure you’re drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

5.  Pack your lunch.
 Stay as far away from fast food restaurants and cafeterias as you can! While those are two very convenient options, by packing your own lunch you are guaranteed a well balanced and nutritious meal with a little forethought.

6.  Eat fruits or veggies with every meal.
 Fruits and vegetables provide you with all natural anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that will do wonders for everything from your skin and hair to your metabolism.

7.  Stay away from processed foods.
 Processed foods are like poison for your body. You want to fill your body with whole grains and fresh produce, not trans fats and empty carbohydrates. 100% whole wheat foods such as whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice will give your body more stable energy.


level 2 of getting fit and losing weight

How to ramp up your activity (2nd level) start with two twenty minute cardio sessions per week and build on that. Or you can begin cutting calories primarily from carb sources. What do I recommend? A little of both. Here’s what I suggest you make this diet work as quickly as possible.

Week 1 &2: stay on the diet as it is written. With one cheat day on the weekend. (keep the cheat day throughout your fat loss phase).

Week 3&4: at meal 2 substitute 2 scoop of protein powder (low in carbs) for the meal-replacement packet. For example, if you use muscle meals meal replacement and move to 2 scoops of pro-fusion protein powder instead, you reduce your calories by more than 100 and cut your carb intake. Also introduce low-intensity 20-minute cardio sessions (walking or light jogging) 2 times a week.

Week 5&6: At meal 4 substitute 2 scoops of protein powder (low in carbs) for the meal-replacement packet.

Week 7&8: Add one 20-minute cardio session per week or extend one or two of your sessions to 30-40 minutes.

Weeks 9&10: Add one 20 minute cardio session per week.

Weeks 11&12: Add one 20 minute cardio session per week or extend one or two of your sessions to 30-40 minutes.

Once you reach your desired leanness level, you can losen up your diet somewhat and rotate in more fruits and vegetables.

part one of meal planning

part one of meal planning

benefits of green tea

benefits of green tea

perfect portions

perfect portions


The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. 


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